Ken Speegle: The Real Estate Writer the Gurus Call

Posted by Admin | June 28th, 2013

Ken Speegle has been a real estate copywriter for close to 20 years now. Beginning in 1994, when he took on his first paying real estate client, Ken has specialized in delivering tremendous content, insightful industry analysis, and a way of writing that hooks his readers from the very first word. During this time, he has worked with dozens of high-profile real estate agents, brokers, and investors, giving each client the same quality, regardless of whether the client is brand new to the industry or a grizzled veteran. There are three primary reasons Ken Speegle is the first person real estate clients turn to when they have sensitive writing assignments.

Ken Speegle: Real Estate Copywriter Is Second to None

When The Real Estate Writer touches a real estate copywriting assignment, his clients know the end result will “wow!” them. One recent client, RB, said, “Amazing quality; great communication; perfect in every way!” Building on the positive results he delivered to his client, The Real Estate Writer followed up with another home run – a real estate investing course. To The Real Estate Writer, it’s just another day at the office. To RB, these results set the stage for stunning financial results, improved standing in the competitive real estate investing niche, as well as conversational real estate copywriting that helped him reach his goals.

The Real Estate Writer Delivers Content As Only Ken Speegle Can

Because Ken Speegle has so much industry-leading experience, he is able to deliver amazing quality to his clients with very little instruction. A typical assignment for The Real Estate Writer goes one of two ways: He speaks with his client by telephone for just a few minutes to get an idea of the type of real estate copywriting that he will be doing, or his client forwards a brief email detailing his or her needs. Either way, The Real Estate Writer calmly steps to the plate, swings for the fences and drives one out of the park – with great real estate copywriting.

The Real Estate Writer: Unparalleled Insights and a Flair for Words

A value-added service that Ken Speegle offers real estate copywriting clients at no additional charge is insightful real estate analysis. If one of The Real Estate Writer’s real estate copywriting clients has raw data that needs to be explained in a meaningful way – so that even a layman (or woman) can understand it – he finds simple, effective ways of explaining it.

This explanation might include his ability to analyze current real estate trends, marketing strategies or even a better explanation of his real estate copywriting clients’ core business model, delivered in a way that resonates with the client’s audience. To accomplish this lofty goal, The Real Estate Writer employs fiction-writing secrets: the art of the story. His unique way of capturing his readers’ attention – and keeping it – enables Ken Speegle’s real estate copywriting clients to earn more money, but only after enhancing their credibility and building goodwill on behalf of his clients.

Regardless of the real estate copywriting niche that a client wants The Real Estate Writer to pursue, Ken Speegle has the flair for the written word, the industry-leading knowledge and the in-the-trenches real estate experience to see real estate copywriting projects through to a successful, profitable conclusion. Real estate copywriting projects, real estate articles, real estate manual, courses – and more – Ken Speegle has proven time and time again that there really is only one The Real Estate Writer.

To learn more about how Ken Speegle can help you reach all of your real estate copywriting goals quickly and easily, while helping you achieve explosive financial growth, visit his website at

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